Sri Bodhimalu Viharaya Aluthgama

Who we are...

The Sri Bodhimalu Viharaya is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to listen to and practice the Buddha-Dharma.

The history of Sri Bodhimalu Viharaya  dates back to 17 th Century, when the temple was established through the dedication king Sri Wicrama Rajasinghe in Kandy period.

The temple provides the venue and the opportunity to listen to the dharma and study the teachings in depth through such activities as services, seminars, special observances, and special events. Another objective of the temple is to provide assistance, through various means, for the welfare of the community, extending beyond the circle of the sangha. As the central focus of the community, the temple and its members, both minister and lay people, have the responsibility for society at large. It may also occur that the temple is regarded as a cultural center, offering a wide range of programs, all aimed at cultivating the dharma and in particular, teaching.

There are some organizations and programs which serve the needs of the Sri Bodhimalu Viharaya. 

Dharma School: Dharma School service is held at 07:00 each Sunday morning of the school year. Regular Dharma School service is followed by 30 - 45 minutes classroom with volunteer teachers of the Sangha. Students of all ages are welcome. With the cooperation of the parents, teachers, and minister, students are exposed to learning and living the Teachings of the Buddha.

Young Buddhist Association (YBA): This group provides opportunities for high school age members to meet socially, to deepen their religious understanding, and thus become the future leaders of the Sangha. By working together, they grow together. By growing together, they learn.  

Parent’s Club: This organization sponsors various temple activities as a religious and a service organization. The purpose of this organization is to encourage the practice of the Buddhist way.